Welcome to Rhyfeddol Cardigans, located in Benton Harbor in southwest lower Michigan, near the shores of Lake Michigan. 



The dogs are first and foremost beloved pets and companions, which means they live in the house, sleep on the bed, chew on the furniture, shed like crazy, and generally keep life interesting. Oh, and they bark. A lot. They can be very silly, and very serious. They can be loyal guardians, and also know-it-all herding dogs. Also, they bark. Cardigans are not for everyone, and they have a different personality than Pembroke Welsh Corgis (the Queen's dogs), so please do your homework to make sure they are the right dog for you. Because, you know, they bark. And they shed. Did I mention that?

Puppy Buyer Guide from Wyntr Cardigans

A good starting place if you are considering a Cardigan

Tips on finding a responsible breeder

Featuring some good questions to ask before buying